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A baby delivered through the anus

"It?s absolutely factual."

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NRI brother in law with Sali SUNAINA RAI REDDY

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Akinoshakar | 02.11.2017
To put you into a different perspective... Your morning is always some ones evening...
Sasho | 03.11.2017
Nothing to debate because you are not going to change a persons belief.
Brarn | 07.11.2017
You're right about 100% accuracy being impossible. Sadly, this format doesn't really lend itself to thorough discussions with supporting evidence. On the contrary, these discussion boards are better suited to sound bites and funny phrasing. So I agree but I will add this; just because something is difficult or even impossible, does not mean the highest possible standard should not be our goal.
Shaktilabar | 14.11.2017
Then why the continued attempts to defend your claim?
Fenrirn | 16.11.2017
Nope, rap crap, retard.
Maunris | 18.11.2017
No you don't!
Vudot | 23.11.2017
Then, why you answered my question like that? Did you get my question? I've asked you: What the physical thing could be existed before time-space existence and where it was existed if there was no time or space for existence?
Majora | 27.11.2017
You?re kidding right? If you think I?m going to spend time researching a keyboard designer for you to prove there is one, you?re as silly as your analogy. Look up any keyboard, you obviously have a computer. Or are you secure in the idea that maybe a god created your keyboard or computer. And no, Woz isn?t a god. He?s real.
Shakajinn | 01.12.2017
If you understood the Bible, you would know that it was mathematically impossible for a man to create. You would also understand the origins of demons.
Zulkigor | 03.12.2017
Ummm no don?t think I was looking for that word at all actually. Viability justifies nothing as there is no such thing as an ?independent viable baby?. My babies latched onto my breasts for two years outside of the womb. Without another human to feed and care for a baby, all early life dies if left independent. So no, I was not looking for the word ?viable?.
A baby delivered through the anus
A baby delivered through the anus

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