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Adult mature mfm

"The President deserves respect he won an incredibly exciting campaign"

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Faukasa | 02.10.2017
The new liberal strategy is, "When they go low, we go so low that it redefines what low is."
Nalkis | 12.10.2017
oh I don't think so. in fact i believe that the only way we get change from China is to act like we are serious for a change.
Kataur | 16.10.2017
Yeah, no one knows about Muslim terrorists or that Muslim terrorists exist. In fact, I'm pretty sure I heard CNN say that one of the 9/11 hijackers was a Christian accountant from Cleveland named Bruno McNulty.
Taukinos | 26.10.2017
You have no clue where to begin, a person who doesn't believe in arithmetic could never solve an equation.
Jurn | 30.10.2017
That's a big generalization there. Can say that about just any person or religion.
Taunris | 08.11.2017
lol ... yep!
Mikagar | 16.11.2017
DTJ has failed all of his life?
Mauzil | 18.11.2017
Just a slob like one of us
Mazuzil | 27.11.2017
YES to all of them.
Nikogrel | 30.11.2017
Senteria won its case, to use animals for sacrifice. The word is "prescribed", not "proscribed". Completely different meanings.
Maulrajas | 03.12.2017
Traveling a long distance infa?
Balkis | 06.12.2017
No...you copied my previous comment and asked who wrote it. That?s not a description, it?s a question. Do you understand the difference?
Dojind | 16.12.2017
If the NDP are now going to get the 20% of the votes which were going to the Liberals - that is a huge advantage.
Migis | 21.12.2017
That was a parable.
Mozragore | 23.12.2017
Possibly - seems like a Hail Mary, but sometimes they work, I guess.
Adult mature mfm
Adult mature mfm
Adult mature mfm

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