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Can bisexual have normal marriages

"Another reading comprehension fail. I'm saying that the only time people bring up the boy who cried wolf in relation to crime is when it's women reporting abuse. I'm not appropriating anything."

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Meztilrajas | 09.10.2017
Duh same sex marriage bans, and seven states have laws preventing an atheist from holding public office or serving on a jury.
Shaktik | 14.10.2017
Keep telling yourself that, if it makes you feel better. Trumpistas are not known for the depth of their intelligence.
Moogusida | 20.10.2017
Maybe, he did love killing. But non of that has anything to do with this.
Gardakinos | 21.10.2017
he will I wished cancer on him recently
Mimuro | 30.10.2017
Right. Actually, when you think about it, there are probably 30+ other drugs that cops can't really test for without a blood sample. Some of them are far more dangerous in the context of driving under the influence. Acid for example. The only reliable test for acid are blood tests - and they ain't cheap. Typically I think cops just do the field sobriety test (or breathalyzer/mouth swabs) and then take you into the station for the real deal.
Gozragore | 04.11.2017
Shaktigis | 09.11.2017
Hi Ed, Sorry to interrupt you but a comment column in which we were exchanging ideas closed while I was away.
Zolorr | 14.11.2017
Do you have reason to disagree with the good Reverend and all of the other scientists he references?
Dunos | 19.11.2017
Pat your own groin, calling any woman a cu*t is about as low as a person can go.
Akilmaran | 24.11.2017
You are seriously being dishonest or ignorant.
Dukazahn | 01.12.2017
You weren't even known as Canada in 1812. England burned down the WH. We burned down their fort in what is now Canada and they burned the WH. The War of 1812 was not with Canada.
Gasida | 10.12.2017
under Breitbart and fox news effect.
Tojarn | 16.12.2017
I have the opposite opinion. It has great value.
Zulkitaur | 20.12.2017
As a non-theist it's pretty darn amazing too. :)
Megul | 21.12.2017
No -- the ruling that invented gay "marriage" did that -- now, if a state were to pass plural "marriage", all states would have to recognize them, and offer them, the same way gay "marriage" is done now.
Nikolkis | 30.12.2017
There are no such thing as Christians, just deluded folk in denial of the truth.
Brak | 01.01.2018
If the description of Canaan in the histories of the Old Testament is anything to go by... it was a constantly warring bunch of proto-city states.
Magal | 06.01.2018
Just which self-respecting atheist would want to be a Freemason in the first place?
Can bisexual have normal marriages

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