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Male phyaical exam fetish

"Alright! I never get the featured comment!"

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Gazragore | 15.10.2017
Strawman. No. The OP is about changes coming to evolutionary theory that some modern evolutionary theorists do not think are needed. They worry that any changes to the theory "open the door to let God back in". It's a terrible reason not to do good science.
Akinorisar | 18.10.2017
Some of that is NT and Jesus was clear that all the old laws were in effect
Nikus | 19.10.2017
Yes, I have heard it before, and it has no more evidence than what we currently have for naturalistic explanations. All things being equal I will bet on the naturalistic explanation being the correct one like it has been 100% of the time.
Kazrar | 27.10.2017
You have to admit, it's almost too much for "Screwtape" to respond negatively on a thread about growing in faith, LOL.
Vocage | 02.11.2017
I think you can put cooked stuff in it. I'd most likely make it an ahi poke type thing but I bet you could use cooked salmon or tuna.
Zolosho | 03.11.2017
I recommend you read the report prior to commenting on it. Crime hasn't dropped by 23 percent. Crimes committed by foreigners has dropped by a high percentage. Reason being that less foreigners entered the country and committed immigration specific crimes (ie no valid papers).
Shakalkree | 12.11.2017
We can't take Luke at his word that he cited extant sources for the simple reason that he doesn't name the supposed source, and because Luke himself is as historically evasive as Jesus.
Nikorg | 15.11.2017
The dog is happy. He / she is taking care of "babies'.... I saw this a lot working on Farms. Dogs taking care of various young animals.
Mulrajas | 21.11.2017
Really has to do with kids and then assets. A person would not have kids with a man if they know the male can just leave and take everything with him. Marriage is some protection to women it is not about control. A woman can always leave.
Nagrel | 01.12.2017
I would appreciate a reference.
Gardazahn | 09.12.2017
Mould in the carpets.
Arashisar | 18.12.2017
1 - Do you believe that one day a species on Earth may gain sentience equal to our own current sentience and sapience? Or are we that special and it will never happen?
JoJozilkree | 22.12.2017
Assuming perfect knowledge of options and perfect ignorance of the individuals I would save the five every time.
Faektilar | 27.12.2017
In what culture? Where I come from old women have long hair in buns and no one is cutting hair when they give birth.
Tolabar | 02.01.2018
The current model of the Big Bang, and most of the theries about how the Big Bang happened, have basically everything in the universe coming from nothing.
Akile | 05.01.2018
I'm not sure if the author of the article is on the same page as Thaler or not.
Gardahn | 13.01.2018
You've demonstrated that you purposefully choose to be ignorant about multiple fields of science.
Arajar | 20.01.2018
Then filing bankruptcy.
Mera | 23.01.2018
Perhaps you missed the 2nd part of the bible. It is called the new testament.
Mazular | 02.02.2018
When you finish servicing Putin, you can ask him.
Vugrel | 11.02.2018
So you?re saying disobedience towards Gods command wasn?t a sin? Why did he punish eve?
Goltim | 12.02.2018
The 'rules' of science are the methods by which information is accurately gleaned. What is made of that information is in the hands of the philosophers, political leaders and courtroom judges.
Shakazahn | 13.02.2018
Read your Bible. Jesus was against accumulating wealth.
Kigasar | 22.02.2018
We, as in, humanity. Earth. Existence. None of it needs a god.
Yokasa | 27.02.2018
False. There is no Muslim ban. There ought to be, however.
Mautaxe | 05.03.2018
I know, I don't want to be that jerk who leaves my wife when she has clear mental issues and no means to sustain herself, but I'd wish she'd actually go through with getting the fuck out of my life and stop giving me false hopes - today at lunch time she was acting all normal again...
Yozshukazahn | 06.03.2018
See previous comment. If Jesus truly is God, nothing subjective about it.
Dougal | 08.03.2018
Why do you even care that he posts true articles about black people? Why must he post anything about whites? Funny you didn't ask about any other race or ethnicity
Kazirisar | 18.03.2018
You can feel yourself but that is as relevant as whether you do or not.
Mazugul | 21.03.2018
Do you believe the Bible is inerrant in the original languages?
Vudogar | 31.03.2018
If a claim is made (a god exists), and there is no evidence to support this claim, the simplest explanation is that a god does not exist.
Nasar | 09.04.2018
Edited autocorrect. Ty.
Doukora | 10.04.2018
I agree with your statement. I think evolution is compatible with theism and even though in past years, I've had some reservations to Macro evolution; nevertheless, I am kinda agnostic on it as I don't think there is sufficient evidence for it. I really think the evidence points to God creating a small number of kinds and they flourished from there. I think kinds is like "family of species". There are only about 5,000 animal families. I don't think evolution is capable of adding large amounts of DNA to create new limbs/organs to make such a significant jump. I think God had to give the basic prints for each family and they flourished from there. There really isn't much difference within the families. The changes are about size and looks for the most part, but the same type limbs.
Vut | 11.04.2018
Insults deleted, FD
Male phyaical exam fetish
Male phyaical exam fetish

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