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"Lots of things (archaeologically) were never discovered before the 20th century, so I'm not sure why that would be a relevant point (it doesn't mean they didn't exist at the time period they're dated to just because we found it during 20th century excavations)."

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They should be torn and dirty after your ordeal here. "Oh yeah, anytime you need me to, let me know.

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Maugami | 25.10.2017
What a joke! They never tried to work with Republicans. Practically the first words out of Obama's mouth were "I won." They burned up all their time ramming Obamacare down the throats of the American people against their will, and it only ended up hurting them in the end. And you STILL, to this day, cannot see where you're wrong.
Kigore | 01.11.2017
And if anything, they take the most extreme viewpoints from the right and left to irritate the other side.
Mogis | 09.11.2017
LOL, so still no examples.
Kajinris | 13.11.2017
Yeah, and his screen name was "Epicurean-something." He believed the fairytale of evolution. Incomprehensible chaos is exactly what you have when you refuse believe what God has said.
Jujind | 15.11.2017
"the asymmetric extremism of the Republican Party."
Mezigrel | 23.11.2017
Maybe with a lot more reading will start believing the earth is spherical and animals evolve.
Tazshura | 30.11.2017
You're not very well acquainted with sarcasm and irony, aren't yo ????
Vudokree | 10.12.2017
you don't follow what you mean
Akinoll | 20.12.2017
I am very concerned for you because you are seriously misinterpreting scripture. You?re are following in the missteps of the cults such as the Mormons and the Jehovahs Witnesses. We cannot become gods and we are not ?little gods.? Jesus did not become a god after He was begotten.
Zolocage | 23.12.2017
You are free to ask the person who wrote the OP questions about why they did what they did.
Totaxe | 25.12.2017
He has clothes?
Gobar | 31.12.2017
Even if they are 85 years old. Wal-Mart needs greeters!

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