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Naked males shaved

"None of those subjective opinions of yours change the Constitution or the Bill of Rights."

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Bagis | 12.10.2017
Hitler was a Catholic, and members of his Party were Catholics only.
JoJotilar | 16.10.2017
The OP is an ad hominem rant. I'm responding in kind.
Mugul | 21.10.2017
We have been taken advantage of by our "allies' since the end of WW2! We, rebuilt their nations, spent $trillions defending them during the Cold War, and they don't even pay their fair share for NATO! They put tariffs on our goods while their governments subsidize their corporations. Those days are OVER!
Tauran | 25.10.2017
I once found a 20 in mine. I have no idea when or why I put it there but it had to be the same day. duh.
Toktilar | 29.10.2017
Most poor people can get shoes and shirt. And those trying to leave those off usually have more than sufficient money for them,
Mujar | 31.10.2017
You should read the American Constitution.
JoJokinos | 06.11.2017
Fascinating the way the charge of "whataboutism" can itself be a form of whataboutism.
Zolocage | 07.11.2017
If it passed, Obergefell wasn't unconstitutional.
Muzilkree | 13.11.2017
I live in a "red" state and I cant express how much it irks me when some toddler gets ahold of someone's gun and kills themselves or another child... and the parents are not punished for the child gaining access. That feeling continues no matter how old your child is. If they can gain access your weapons are NOT secure. I know all the excuses people will throw about "you don't know teens then".. I do. I raised one. When we thought he was having behavioral health issues we removed our guns from the property and stored them off-site. Its the gun owners responsibility. Guns are stolen by adults- but when someone breaks into your house or your safe you should know right away.
Kajizshura | 18.11.2017
It was still the most intelligent comment I've read in at least a day.
Grogore | 27.11.2017
Do you really, sweetiepie?
Mikalkis | 01.12.2017
Marchand Boston Azzwipe #1---- Ovie Washington Azzwipe#2
Tubei | 01.12.2017
Who are they?
Nazragore | 03.12.2017
seriously...?? the anime was trending.... It's called the worst one or something like that
Samunos | 10.12.2017
Perhaps the label ?apologist? gets slapped when the behaviour is
Kazrar | 16.12.2017
Because they investigated me. And what is more. If you read those links in the post I provided then you will have some inclination what I am about and why I am mostly getting banned from everywhere. That is now except that specific forum.
Dole | 25.12.2017
"I don't think I have to prepare very much"
Tozahn | 30.12.2017
Despair, ignorance, poverty, desperation. A lot of things contribute to poverty.
Naked males shaved

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