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Manitoba amateur boxing association

"Yep, evidence wins over plausibility and probability every time."

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She Doesnt Want Me to Stop Fucking Her

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Dairr | 18.11.2017
Ten for a penny? To me, that's like saying Mozart's music is just a bunch of ad jingles.
Visar | 24.11.2017
How about contemplation of a problem. Can that lead to it being solved? If you took some time, used a spoken mantra, and physical position of mindfulness and explained the problem as if to a third party entity. Could that help with solutions?
Tygokora | 25.11.2017
The decline of Catholicism in Brazil and all over the world sort of says I'm correct :-)
Dailmaran | 27.11.2017
Thanks mr ?fake outrage?
Dukora | 28.11.2017
Are you objectively agreeing? Or subjectively charming me? :-)
Bagami | 06.12.2017
There MAY be a FEW atheists in SOME foxholes that MIGHT turn to god as the shit is hitting the fan.
Mujas | 10.12.2017
I'm no fan of the D triple C, but the fact remains, it's the people that shape the elections, and be sure if you're not voting for the lessor of two evils, the republicans are voting for the greater.
Shakalkree | 17.12.2017
Just about every dammed one they made..
Faurr | 27.12.2017
You are here unwise one.
Kasho | 03.01.2018
Welfare isn?t causing people to not work. It?s already been established that most welfare recipients DO WORK!
Moogurisar | 12.01.2018
She will see eventually lol
Arashijin | 15.01.2018
Which rule is that? No. That doesn?t work anymore thanks to the uncivilized lefts attacks for years. He stole the playbook which you should be honored by.
Nirr | 20.01.2018
All true, they are up against increasing housing costs like never before. My folks first home was only $1000, my first was only 75K, my eldests was 150K, my latest home was 210K, all in the same area.
Tohn | 20.01.2018
There is no "perhaps". I am am not a stressed guy. Period.
Gat | 24.01.2018
The Baker thing, you think you should be able to refuse service to gays based off religious bigotry
Goltik | 03.02.2018
LOL You're such a dick.
Yozshule | 04.02.2018
You know of sargeras the mighty?
Tot | 10.02.2018
Tax CUTS do NOT add anything to the deficit. All they do is reduce the amount that the government takes from people by force. The money is NOT the government's money, it belongs to the people. Anytime I can get the government to take less of my money, it is a positive thing for me, and every taxpayer. The defecit is caused by OVERSPENDING, not by taking (stealing) less from me.
Nikobei | 14.02.2018
It's about both
Jusida | 15.02.2018
Dust would you like to add anything to this conversation besides quotes? a good start would be your explanation to the origin of the universe.
Brakus | 19.02.2018
He might have a few million left. You?d think he could find a better way to invest it. There?s no guarantee of victory.
JoJogore | 27.02.2018
When there are more job openings than job seekers in America, something Big is happening.
Juzuru | 05.03.2018
You're a troll too and the moderator should ban you.
Dirg | 15.03.2018
Most people acknowledge the bible accurately records those people and places existing. Fringe lunatic Muslims are the only ones who deny Jerusalem was a pre-Roman Jewish city, for instance.
Brazragore | 21.03.2018
No one considers there god a "facet", and the rest of us think they are all bullshit. This makes your argument fail.
Mejora | 26.03.2018
When I want to go down a rabbit hole, I will contact you. Until then, I believe you know my opinion on your inflammatory comments and hateful obsession, and I believe you are aware of my utter lack of interest in pursuing a pointless dialogue with you.
Gutaxe | 30.03.2018
Are you still in line?
Sabar | 08.04.2018
Um...yeah, discrimination is inherently wrong.
Manitoba amateur boxing association
Manitoba amateur boxing association

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