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Hearing impaired girl suffered multiple facial fractures

"Yeah, I concur, there is a lot of wild & unexplained events and things out there in the woolly world... But that does not demonstrate supernature, just our ignorance."

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Faugrel | 21.10.2017
Instinctively, the baby.
Nikozuru | 29.10.2017
Oh man he is on to me??
Brazshura | 08.11.2017
Was thinking of Def Leppard.
Yorr | 14.11.2017
Virtually all value systems hate the other. it's just that the 'other' varies. My guess is most secular humanists hate Hitler, for example. In other words, you are also 'putting down' others.
Kibei | 22.11.2017
You just don't get it, Bill.
Gagul | 25.11.2017
Therefore, you suggest we don't tax, say, Wall Street at all. Right?
Nikotilar | 27.11.2017
The essential attribute of barbarism is cruelty.
Grokus | 30.11.2017
God's an alien and got beat by other aliens with better ships?
Tomuro | 10.12.2017
No question is above God's Wisdom. Only we need the door to enter and to ask. Then we have much to ask and to know. But the best is the ability to do and the answers we get.
Zurisar | 13.12.2017
YYeah, I edited the typo.
Mikashura | 14.12.2017
What, like Westboro Baptist Church?
Kigajar | 19.12.2017
Except that I already spoon fed You evidence of a long history of white chrustian racism.
Kajigar | 25.12.2017
Not my fault. You want to do science those are the rules, no cheating and cutting out steps. The Big Bang hypothesis was laughed at when first proposed but they stuck to it and continued their work until they convinced the scientific community. They showed their work so other could replicate and they eventual became the consensus model. Apply to the Templton foundation, they would fund your research on a new model if it has promise.
Zulkigul | 27.12.2017
This works on so many levels
Mocage | 27.12.2017
YEP same I wanted the same cut, then I hated it
Meztishicage | 29.12.2017
How moronic is it that you believe you can dismiss any argument you dislike just by uttering the word Trumpkin.
Shakagul | 06.01.2018
You beg for it but don't accept it. Stable, fine-tuned universe, life, etc.
Gar | 12.01.2018
Not assuming your definition, as you haven't provided one. Merely commenting on the definition the popular narrative seems to apply.
Bazil | 21.01.2018
There is lots of scientific evidence that each answers both questions.
Maujas | 23.01.2018
Yeah I mean I feel like people are going to be hurt
Kalar | 01.02.2018
Aww, I'll miss you twinny but always take care of yourself first. <3
Dijind | 05.02.2018
As is everything she posts. She's a talking-point parrot.
Moogukree | 08.02.2018
Probably a liberal that saw her making more money than an illegal immigrant vendor
Dokus | 19.02.2018
"That said, while Harper does deserve some credit for his management of the economy during and after the recession, you cannot ignore the fact that Canada performed better during the recession than other nations largely because our banks were tightly regulated and so we did not suffer as profoundly as other nations. This allowed our economy to grow faster than others despite that growth being among the worst in Canada's post WWII history."
Jukree | 24.02.2018
If they give him a pass, they just killed the CRA.
Dogar | 24.02.2018
Why would he offer to meet Mark Warner in London?
Fegor | 25.02.2018
See above regarding leprechauns.
Kenris | 06.03.2018
So gay people have never been exterminated anywhere in the world?
Faelabar | 14.03.2018
If there was something wrong with my post you surely would have pointed that out. But you didn't because there isn't.
Faumuro | 18.03.2018
No brewer sells beer for the minimum price now. The promise was meaningless because $1 a beer is well below the production costs of beer for retail anyway.
Vudomuro | 19.03.2018
Thanks. I was pretty sure I was using standard English. :)
Shagrel | 20.03.2018
For you, Love...I will try. Here it goes..."Grrr..men blah blah blah..penis..blah blah blah..so sad...arggg..Trump!...grrrrr." Was that as good for you as it was for me?
Yozshuzilkree | 30.03.2018
I was almost aborted. In the Soviet Union is was no different than here in the US. People looked at it much like pulling a tooth. The modern Russia is different. My mother got a good job with the government and was told that I would ruin her life. So I am an almost never was.
Hearing impaired girl suffered multiple facial fractures
Hearing impaired girl suffered multiple facial fractures
Hearing impaired girl suffered multiple facial fractures

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